Theoretical Analysis Of 'Do Shall Issue Laws Save Lives?'

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Tyler Tew Mr. Combs Policing America 24 September 2011 Analysis Report of “Do Shall Issue Laws Save Lives?” This paper is about an article by Dr. John Lott, professor of The School of Law at The University of Chicago. In his article “Do Shall issue Laws Save Lives,” he discusses how concealed carry permits save lives and reduce crime. Concealed carry refers to the practice of legally being able to carry a handgun or any other weapon in public hidden or in close proximity. As of now there are no federal laws requiring someone to issue a concealed carry permit. Forty nine states have laws that allow citizens to carry certain weapons concealed in public. Each state gives different license and permits that allow concealed weapons. Some…show more content…
For someone to be able to posses this permit, they need to abide by a set of laws and to meet a certain criteria. For someone wanting to be granted a permit of being allowed carry a concealed handgun, the law states that they shall be issued a permit. Most other permits are usually issued at their discretion. Shall Issue simply state’s that anyone can obtain a concealed carry permit unless that have a criminal record or a mental illness. Other permits are called “May Issue.” These are the permits that come with many forms of discretion. In may issue states, authorities say that an applicant only needs the permit for a specific purpose and that self defense should not be a problem. Shall issue states allow a lot more freedom and understanding when a citizen wants to carry a handgun for any…show more content…
He acknowledges that the general anti-gun public has the idea that the average citizen can simply walk into a store and buy a gun. This citizen can then go to his or her sheriff’s office to obtain a permit and walk out that afternoon being able to carry concealed. This is far from the case. In every state that has the Shall Issue Law, a citizen must first take a training course ranging from eight hours to a couple of weeks long. For this course, a fee is also charged. This fee varies in different states. This course ensures that the applicant is knowledgeable of gun safety function of the fire arm and also trained in what they can and cannot due under the Shall Issue law. They then have to demonstrate proficiency in shooting and using fire arms in a safe manner. The applicant is then awarded a graduation certificate at the end of the term if he or she passes the written exam and practical exercises of firing a handgun. Upon receipt of this graduation certificate, the applicant must then go to his or her local county sheriff’s department and apply for a concealed carry permit. Some states may vary slightly, but most all states require a criminal background check, character references, psychological evaluations, and finger printing along with the training certificate. There is usually a four to eight week waiting period while this application is being

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