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Final Paper “We have, in fact, two kinds of morality side by side; one which we preach but do not practice, and another which we practice but seldom preach.” When one analyze this quote from Bertrand Rusell it sums up the Morality course all of us juniors have taken this year. It means that there are two different sides of morality; one being that we know what is right and we make the right actions, and the other is that we know what is right but fail to take action. The word of God comes from our conscience that develops as we grow up. Weather your conscience was developed in the sight of good or evil it helps you make your moral choices in life. When in a relationship or even married to someone there are many moral choices made in the process. You and your partner may run into some difficulties and the best way to keep the relationship going strong it to make moral choices. Two commandments come into mind when in this situation; 7: You shall not commit adultery and 10: You shall not covet you neighbor’s wife. The seventh commandment means to not cheat on your spouse weather fully boded or not, and the tenth commandment is to not wish you had your neighbors spouse instead of your own. In today’s society some relationships do not last very long because of these problems. Sometimes is the man or woman in the relationship are not happy with one another they set of to find another mate, without the other partner knowing. That is breaking the seventh commandment and many people forget that. We must remember that God created us to love and respect one another while on this earth. The seventh commandment sends out that message stating that one should not commit adultery. Have you ever wanted something your neighbor had and you wish it was yours? Sometimes people wish that their friends spouse could be their own instead of the one they already

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