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Leilani Castro 5/12/11 Theology Proper When I think how Theology Proper has impacted my life. I think about the existents of God and how if he never existed I wouldn’t be where I am today. I thank God for my salvation I’m glad that I was raised in a Christian home that I didn’t have to experience a miserable life. With God in my life everything makes sense I don’t have to be searching around for answers that don’t make sense like the arguments that are discussed in this section. To apply this into my personal life and ministry I have to build a firm foundation in my faith for God because if I don’t believe I can easily find myself lost believing in some false argument. I need to study more about the attributes of God so I can get a better understanding of God. In the study it mentions that God is Omnipresent and I trip out because that means whatever im going thru I can always call out to Him and he will hear me. In my ministry I work with GANG girls and I want to do my best to portray Gods attributes to them so I can be an example to them and they can feel Gods love and grace. Theology Proper is important now in this time because there are so many false doctrines and arguments that try to prove Gods existence and they try to break it down in logic. As Christians we don’t need the arguments to prove there is a God we just believe by FAITH. Leilani Castro 5/26/11 Christology Christology has impacted my life in a way that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins well for everyone’s sins. I think because Jesus took on a human nature on earth it became more of an impact to where he could relate to us in a way, he became weary, hungry, thirsty, slept, was tempted and wept. The stories that I learn about Jesus Christ are amazing from miracles to his discipline. Its amazing how when it comes to ministry we can evangelize and share to others the life of

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