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William Smith 5/18/2012 Theology II-New Testament Third period For the past semester I was supposed to have completed at least six hours of service towards my own church, or any nonprofit organization of my choosing. Once I had done so I was to reflect on how these terms of service had affected me. So I’ll be continuing my paper with what I have come up with through my periods of reflection. First off I’ll be telling you what I had done for service towards my own church. For my church I had completed four hours working at a, strenuous yet a fun place to be at, one of the Knights of Columbus fish fry dinners hosted in the gymnasium of St. Francis Catholic Church. Surprising enough the dinner had gone on for an actual total of four hours and forty-two minutes. Now in my reflection I asked myself, how did I see God in the working of service and in the people that I was serving? Well, the work that I had been doing was working in the back helping cook and shuttling food to be served. So I didn’t see as many of the people that I was helping out as much as I wished; however in the service of all the workers, myself included, I saw God through them by how much they truly enjoyed working to better the life of any one willing to show up to the dinner as much as they could, no matter how much or how little. Now for the second question in this reflection, how has this helped me in my spiritual growth? Well, that sure is an easy one to answer. I haven’t been to many of these fish fry dinners to work at so ya, there were many people that I hadn’t met before. All the workers there were the nicest people that anyone could meet and many of the people I’ve met from there had shown to me their devotion to their own faith and the practice of it. That had opened my own eyes towards wanting to better understand my faith, and that has led me to have for myself a

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