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Great understanding comes by deep study. This course has given an opportunity to have a great understanding from the depth of its studies. I have gained a new found appreciation for Christianity. I am better able to defend my faith from the topics covered in Theology. Topics like; does the bible have authority? Did Jesus have to be born of a virgin?, and What can your local church do to better communicate God’s love towards the community? These topics compelled me to study even further than what was required. My reflection of this course is profound. I am now more equipped to maintain a Christian mindset than I was before the class. I can now create my own argument as to why I chose to follow Christ. In this paper I will discuss the reasons why I have come to this conclusion The beginning of my deep study started with a single question. Does the bible have authority? This topic was mind blowing. The ideas and arguments that I have studied in this section were literally life changing. It is almost embarrassing to admit that at times I have had doubt in my mind as to if the bible was real. This section uprooted any such thoughts that I once had. ”If man invented Christ, why has he not improved upon Him? If man invented Christ, why has he not invented another?” This is one of the two statements that stabilized my wavering mind. The other would be “Man could not have written the Bible if given the ability. Man would not have written the Bible if given the opportunity.” The concept of man creating Christ is one that many people hold. If man did create Christ why didn’t he make him more like the superheroes of today’s comics? Why didn’t man create him more like man instead of creating man like Christ or rather having to strive to be more like Christ. This topic caused me to look at the bible in a new way. It is impossible for man to have created or even

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