Theodore Roosevelt's Executive Power

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He was one of the best presidents because he stood strong in what he believed in, and truly wanted what was best for the American people. He held strong to his ideas, and pushed through all of his weaknesses. He was one of the first to be considered the first environmentalist president, and won a Nobel Peace Prize. Theodore Roosevelt was the twenty sixth President of the United States. He was also the youngest president at the time. He came in with the view that the president should do whatever it takes for the good of the public unless the law forbids it. "I did not usurp power," he wrote, "but I did greatly broaden the use of executive power."( He was president from 1901 to 1909. As for his life, He was born in New Your…show more content…
When he was president, He believed that the “Government should be the great arbiter of the conflicting economic forces in the Nation, especially between capital and labor, guaranteeing justice to each and dispensing favors to none. (” Roosevelt had earned the title the “trust buster” By forcing the dissolution of a great Railroad combination in the Northwest. During his presidency, He initiated a massive public relations effort. He made the U.S. Navy stronger and created the “Great White Fleet,” Sending it on a world tour as a testament to the U.S. military power. He also helped expedite completion of the Panama Canal, which was vital for travel between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in half the time previously required. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the end of the Russo-Japanese war, where he was negotiating. He was also deemed the country’s first environmentalist president in 1906, when he signed the National Monuments act, protecting sites such as the Grand Canyon and preventing damage to wildlife sanctuaries, national forests and federal game reserves. “He also made headway with the nation’s infrastructure, instigating 21 federal irrigation
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