Theodist Response To The Problem Of Evil

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Roberto Kelly 8/10/2012 Prof.Preston Phil 115 2. The Problem of evil The problem of evil is the problem of merging the existence of the evil in the world with the existence of an all-knowing, all-powerful and perfectly good God. The argument from evil is the atheistic argument that the existence of such evil cannot be merged with, and so disproves, the existence of such a God. Some of the ways that theist have tried to respond to the problem of evil is that with the existence of good, requires the existence of evil. Meaning that since good and evil are opposites, since god created good he would have to have created evil. Another response to this is that some theist think something’s cant exist unless their opposites exist so that being thought leads them to believe that since there is good there must be evil. Which I don’t think is true because some things exist because their opposites don’t like having peace. You cant have peace if there’s war. Since peace and war are opposites and one can only exist when the other doesn’t makes some theist response not very accurate. The difference between defense and theodicy is that theodicy tries to explain why God allows evil, it assumes the existence of both God and evil. A defense is…show more content…
Soul-making theodicy is basically that we are just souls in the need of growth and improvement and that evil and trials God throws our way is to improve us and teach us life lessons. Also it’s the form that says that our goodness and purification will continue in the after-life. Which to me that is meaning heaven. Boethius theodicy basically explains that evil is a non-being, basically saying that when someone is evil they are already punished for being evil because being evil is not something good so when someone is in the evil state they are automatically punished till they are not evil any more, And vice versa for
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