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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY RESEARCH PAPER SUBMITTED TO TROY W. TEMPLE, PHD THEO 350 LIBERTY UNIVERSITY ONLINE LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA BY LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA FEBRUARY 19, 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2 2. THE CHRISTOLOGY DEBATE ------------------------------------------------ 3 3. THE INCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST ----------------------------------- -4 4. CHRIST EMPTIED HIMSELF IN THE INCARNATION ------------------- 5 5. DID CHRIST LAY ASIDE ATTRIBUTES OF DEITY ----------------------- 6 6. FULLNESS OF DEITY ------------------------------------------------------------ 7 7. CONCLUSION ------------------------------------------------------------------- ---8 8. BIBLIOGRAPHY ------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 INTRODUCTION…show more content…
I will also try to explain what Christology means and how it pertains to Jesus Christ. It somehow all ties into the Incarnation of Jesus. We will come to understand what it meant that “Christ emptied Himself” in the Incarnation. The question in a lot of Christian mind’s is; did Christ lay down any attributes of His deity in order to become human, or did He keep all attributes of His deity while He was in human flesh? Christ true significance can be understood only when His relationship to the people in whose midst he was born is understood. The events that are set in motion in His earthly career Gods purpose and covenant with Israel is

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