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DB 2 A historical figure that has affected my life would have to be Martin Luther, the son of Hans and Margaret Luther. Therefore, I would like to choose Martin Luther, also known as “The Great Reformer,” as an example in order to describe the interpretation of the image of God. According to the Genesis 1, “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” In other words, it is a remarkable thing when Christians read this verse, it should change the way we see people. God granted us to have make small and huge decisions, and the great chance to obtain morals and values. It is certainly obvious that Martin Luther has a clear forward approach at understanding what his interpretation of the image of God is. He always both revealed a great common sense, and retained his humorous understanding of practical life. The Christian faith was used by Martin Luther as a way to connect all of believers. In addition, Martin has a great number of debates with other theologians such as on the Will in Bondage (1525), or Confession concerning the Lord’s Supper (1528). However, Luther’s disputes with many different theologians were carried out with the same intensity he applied to his other work: he longed for Christian unity, but he could not accept the theological position which many others had advanced (1). In conclusion, Martin Luther is a big influence on my life. Luther’s theological writing bring a lot of benefits to allow me to be a better person. It is my certain belief that the Lord used Martin Luther to restore the gospel to His church. The Bible is the book that chaged countless lives including cultures and me. The Bible is being attacking, destroying, scandalous, but no matter what, the Bible still remains true power. It is impossible that God’s Word is wrong. God is perfect in every way even the words written in His

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