Theo 104: Reflection Paper

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I. Introduction Two topics that have developed my understanding of Theology and Christianity are worship and prayer. As a young man who was raised in the church I constantly searched for ways to deepen my prayer life with God and worship him with all of my being. I learned to pray from my Grandmother who taught me the Lord’s Prayer, which helped me to communicate with God more and paved a way to how I worship God. I feel these two topics can be joined together because they come from the heart. II. Worship a. Theological Definition “The word "worship" includes the idea of giving reverence. Many times in the Bible, believers bow down, pray, sing, and offer other acts of reverence as acts of worship. --worship can be expressed to God in many ways, including words, actions, the arts, and in service.” (Got Questions Ministries, 2011-2015) What can I say about worship; I learned at an early age that there is nothing sweeter than worshipping God. I can think back on so many Sundays, when I would have to minister in dance. I would put my all into every movement completely surrendering my body and turning every moves into an offering unto God. I would imagine at times the joy of dancing in heaven before God and pouring my all before him. b. Biblical definition The bible describes worship as “honor rendered to God…” (Films for Christ, 1995-2015) In order to worship, we must take note from the book of Psalms which says “Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless his holy name” (Nelson, 1975) Like I mentioned before worship can be expressed in many ways. “Our worship is to be from our inner being—enthusiastic, from deep in our souls, not superficial and not by some rote and barren repetition or formal liturgy.” (Films for Christ, 1995-2015) c. Practical application Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, take a moment in

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