Then Vs. Now Essay

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Amy Shook Written Rpt. #2 Then vs. Now – Which Works Better "It just isn’t like it used to be" can be heard today throughout many workplace environments. Today’s workforce is not the workforce of days past. People are coming from diverse places and cultures. It isn’t even necessary to leave the country to find an authentic melting pot of cultures, ethics and morals evolving on a continuous basis. When it comes to training and leading the workforce, it is very difficult to rely on what has been passed down by elders. The “old school” way just doesn’t seem to work. People are not swayed by promises of promotions, bonuses, raises or rewards like our fathers and grandfathers were. It takes a very discerning leader to learn how to inspire and lead people from all walks of life. All of these people react differently to and have been shaped by family beliefs and values, experiences during younger years, home economic conditions, how they view world, availability of technology, what makes them happy, and how they set and work for goals. In the 50's the workplace was made of people whose value systems and work ethics were greatly influenced by the Great Depression and world wars. The motivation for the day included appreciation to have a job, loyalty to a company and a belief that the boss was always right. The management style was simple: management was the brains and labor was the brawn. This was accepted as a way of life, and it worked... back then. But things have

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