Themistocles And Aristides: Ancient Greek Leaders

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Themistocles and Aristides Themistocles and Aristides are considered among the great ancient Greek leaders. History shows many interrelated impact and rivalry among the two leaders when Athenians were fighting with the Persian. Plutarch in his book stated that, “some writers say that these two, even when they were children and pupils together, invariably opposed each other in their words and actions, not only in serious matters but even in play” (111). Also as we read the story of those two leaders when it comes to the leadership there are a lot of competitiveness among them that reveal their particular nature. Themistocles, who was from the non-aristocratic politician, was an audacious person who ruled the Athenians in many battles during Persian invasion. Plutarch…show more content…
He didn’t want to obey others; even to those who think they are better than him he defiantly challenged them. On the other hand, Aristides’ name was popular for “just”. People who even don’t know him they are tired of hearing Aristides the just. He was particularly admired about his strength on the purpose of understanding the political treasure. He believed he was on the position to serve his country and his people without any expectation. Aristides handled any contradictions against him peacefully, and he believed in his duty as a citizen, of autocratic politicization, he would give his service to Greek at all times freely and without reward of any compensation or even popularity (112). In general the two leaders, Themistocles and Aristides, had contributed their role to Greek. Based on Plutarch’s written, Aristides became a sturdy champion of justice who was a little swayed by personal sympathy. On the other hand, Themistocles became champion of people; he was not swayed by any desire to take revenge on his countrymen, nor was he elated by the great power position which he would enjoy in the war
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