Themes of Macbeth Essay

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There are many themes in Macbeth that are seen throughout the play. One of the reoccurring themes throughout the first three acts is that appearances do not always reflect reality. The way the story starts out, the main character, Macbeth, seems like a brave fighter and a man worthy of recognition and praise. After meeting the three witches, Macbeth finds out that he will be king which is really the turning point in the play because it is the first time Macbeth seems greedy and power hungry. Although Macbeth portrays himself to be an honorable man, he is very power driven which really makes him do things that do not make him look like a true king. Another character that seems to follow in his footsteps is his wife Lady Macbeth. She seems to be a good wife not capable of killing innocent people, but once again the greed for power took over her and he helps Macbeth murder Duncan. When faced by Macduff and Lennox, the Macbeth’s pretend to be surprised and Lady Macbeth even faints, so once again people do not expect such noble people to be behind something so evil and wrong. Once crowned king, Macbeth then realizes that some people are beginning to see through him and he suspects Banquo knows what is going on. Once again he is forced into another situation where he decides to do something most people do not believe he can do and he hires people to kill Banquo. The reality of the Macbeth’s situation is that they are cornered and people are starting to see through them, which makes them dig themselves even deeper by killing more people to try to get away with their previous murders. Once Macbeth starts to go crazy and starts seeing Banquo’s ghost, people can tell his is different and that he really is up to something even though Lady Macbeth is trying to convince people he is crazy. I think the main focus in the story is that things are not always as they appear.

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