Themes In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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In the book one flew over the cuckoo’s nest the head nurse Ms. Ratched has a set system in which she run the mental facility. Nurse Ratched runs the ward in a totalitarian manner. More or less a matriarchy... where she as the female powered runs every major aspect of the ward. The big Nurse uses persuasive tactics to get the patients to conform to her style in operating the ward. Her ward is operating as a machine that is dull and lust less. In order to receive and maintain her power she belittles the patients esteem. Like in part 1 when the keep demanding Harding to explain why he believes he can’t satisfy his wife. As she pressure Harding to provide a valid explanation the other patients question her. Big nurse replies “its good therapy”. Another time she provoked a patient at the end of the book she caused him to kill his self. It was Billy Bibbit and nurse Ratched threatened to inform his mother about his disobedient actions.…show more content…
He was a loud, outspoken, redheaded, gambling, con artist, and a sex fiend. He was basically sent to challenge Ms. Ratched’s rule. Randle McMurphy was his name. Mr. McMurphy was labeled as a threat because he was didn’t just answer with Yes or No. McMurphy had free will and ask why instead of just going with her orders. This caused the other patients to follow McMurphy and begin to stand out and question Ms Ratched Theory. Nurse Ratched Totalitarian System was then in danger. Anyone who apposed her was deemed disobedient and was sent to the disturbed section of the ward. The Nurse then reacted to the actions with multiple treatments of shock therapy. These actions displayed what the nurse can do. Then later on in the book McMurphy reacted to the other patients in an upset manner due to his ignorance of nurse Ratched actual power and what she is capable of. Nurse Ratched has the power to extended ones duration on the ward and can even provide patient with a lobotomy if
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