Themes In O 'Brien's Going After Cacciato'

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Changing Themes: War ENG/302 University of Phoenix Changing Themes: War The immutable quality of a chemical element persists even when subjected to heat or freezing temperatures. Its physical state may change, but the substance essentially remains the same. Similarly, variations in quantity have no effect on its qualities. Metaphorically speaking, war may be likened to an element in that it too is immutable. Warfare may exist in varying degrees of sophistication and savagery without a change in its essence: violence and death. However, what may change is the individual’s perception or view regarding war. Simply put, war may not change, but the perspective of…show more content…
181). Translated from Italian to English, Cacciato means ‘the hunted’ (Perkins & Perkins, 2009). The story follows Cacciato’s desertion of his unit, and his pursuit by soldiers from his unit. By describing the conflict’s horrors and senselessness, perhaps O’Brien sought to transmit his personal loathing for war in ‘Cacciato’ (and other noted works) as effectively as the television images illustrated said horrors. Perhaps O’Brien sought to chronicle through fiction those whose experiences would ‘speak out and speak up’ from the battlefield. In any case, one rationally may presume that O’Brien’s works mirror the public’s distaste for the war. Following this rationale, one also may presume a substantial degree of commonality between the management of the theme of war across each preceding literary period and the Postmodern

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