Themes In Film "Love Letter"

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Themes in the film “Love Letter” Through the death of unseen Itsuki Fujii, the film “Love letter” unveils the memories of Hiroko Watanabe, his fiancée, and the female Itsuki Fujii, his classmate back at school. The characters in the film are tortured by painful incidents and feelings in the past, as they do not have the courage to talk about them and so suffer in silence. The film shows how they gradually release themselves from the unhappy nostalgia and lead to a new life. On the other hand, the memories of female Itsuki reveal how different people express love. Some of them shy and conservative, some of them more outgoing and dare to voice out their feelings. On the whole, the director Shunji Iwai views love as tenderness and something accommodating. It is never forceful, but nourishes the soul through daily communication and experiences. Death in the film is not something fearful in nature; it is the way you accept and face the fact of death that alters your perspective of death. The characters in the film are somehow trapped in past memories and cannot release themselves from the mental torture. They have happy memories with the dead person, and they refuse to learn that the person they love has passed away. Hiroko Watanabe, the fiancée of the dead male Itsuki Fujii, is still absorbed in the past memories with Itsuki, and continues to lament on the death of Itsuki. This hampers her whole-hearted involvement in routines. She cannot respond to Akiba Shigeru’s love as a complete Hiroko, though she is willing to live with Akiba in the future. When she sees Itsuki’s past address in his high school photo album, she cannot resist herself to write it down. When Itsuki’s mother enters the room, she quickly hides it, indicating that she knows that she should not be lamenting anymore in theory. Eventually she
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