Themes In Emma And Clueless

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Themes in Emma and Clueless Wealth Class and Charity * The aristocracy in Emma had a ‘noblesse oblige’ to help the less fortunate. * The class system and aristocracy didn’t function because many ignored their ‘noblesse oblige’. * Mr Knightley is the ideal aristocratic gentleman of 18th Century England. * Cher and the wealthy in Clueless are the modern equivalent of Emma’s gentry. * Cher knows little of poor and charity and doesn’t feel that she has a ‘noblesse oblige’. * Cher becomes charitable through Josh’s influence, similar to Emma becoming more charitable through Mr Knightley’s influence. * Josh is the modern equivalent of Mr Knightley, a modern, charitable gentleman. The theme of wealth, class and charity is important to the comparison of both texts. The upper class of Clueless is the modern equivalent of Emma’s gentry. The upper class of Emma have an ideal ‘noblesse oblige’, making them very charitable to the lower class. The context of Clueless has removed much of the ‘noblesse oblige’ from the upper class. Cher’s upper class in Clueless is very greedy and materialistic. Mr Knightley is the ideal gentleman in the context of Emma; he is wealthy, influential and charitable. Josh, in Clueless, is the modern adaption of Mr Knightley’s gentleman. Josh is also wealthy and charitable; Josh has retained the ideal ‘noblesse oblige’ acts towards the lower classes. Marriage, Romance and Sexuality * Marriage was important to women in 18-19th Century England. * Marrying the wrong person could lower a woman’s wealth and social standing. * Sex and Romance aren’t relevant to marriage in Emma’s society; marriage is driven by wealth in the gentry. * Marriage isn’t financially required by women in Clueless. * In Clueless sexuality and romance are more important than marriage. * Sex and loss of virginity are an issue in
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