Themes in a Wizard of Earthsea Essay

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A Wizard of Earthsea Essay In the book A Wizard of Earthsea, the lesson of good vs. evil is almost explicitly shown throughout the book. LeGuin taught the lesson about the inner self by, literally, making an evil part of Ged gain its own consciousness. This shows how evil exists inside of everyone. The hunt for the shadow symbolically represents facing the evil inside of us in order to achieve inner peace. The purpose of this essay is to discuss how evil is shown in one’s self, especially throughout A Wizard of Earthsea. From the beginning, the shadow was surrounded by an evil atmosphere. When Ged performed the ritual that summoned his shadow, he was fueled by emotions such as hate, rage, and envy (65). These are emotions that are commonly associated with evil in books, such as this one, and movies, such as Star Wars. In addition, as soon as the shadow was summoned, it attacked its summoner (67). This points towards the constant battle between evil and good within ourselves. Later, when the shadow hunts him, Ged feels that the shadow always knows where he is (90). This shows the inability to escape the evil within us, which forces us to confront it. When the shadow, in gebbet form, ambushes him, Ged feels that his powers are being taken from him (116). This is an example of the evil inside himself, which renders the good side useless as it overpowers him. This shows the constant struggle for power between good and evil, including the battle of virtue vs. sin inside each of us. When Ged makes his first actual attempt to hurt the shadow (by grabbing it), he suddenly gains the ability to know where it is at all times (160). This leads to his discovery that the shadow can’t steal his power if he is searching for it. Figuratively speaking, this fact represents the fact that the evil inside of us can’t influence us if we want to fight against it. In real life, the

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