Themes In Color Purple

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Consider the theme of sisterhood in the novel. In your answer you should consider: Ø The ways in which women support and oppose each other in the novel. Ø The relationship between the Olinka women Ø The challenges faced by women in the patriarchal society in which they exist. Alice Walker, the author of The Color Purple typically, focuses on the struggles of African Americans, particularly women, and what they witness against societies that are racist, sexist, and violent. The Color Purple also focuses on the role of women of colour in culture and history. Walker is a respected figure in the liberal political community for her support of unconventional and unpopular views as a matter of principle. She is an open bisexual, and sympathetic of people of all sexualities, ethnicities, and races. Not only this,Walker considers herself to be writing from the perspective of a black feminist. She coined the term “womanist” to express her perspective. In her own words this term means, “A black feminist or feminist color.. usually referring to outrageous, audacious, courageous or wilful behaviour. Wanting to know more andin greater depth than is considered “good” for one…A woman who loves other women sexually and/or non-sexually. Apperciates and prefers women’s culture, women’s emotional flexibility and woman’s strenght…committed to survival and wholeness of entire people.” These characteristics are more than evident in Alice Walker’s stronger female characters, Shug Avery and Sofia. The dominant impression of Shug is that she has enormous vigour. Throughout her life it seems she has chosen her own path, sleeping with whoever she pleases and pleasing herself in her lifestyle. Sofia like Shug, is another strong influential woman. Her refusal to be patronised dominates a large part of the novel. Both women epitomise strength and resistance and motivate the weaker
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