Themes and Topics in the Giver

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5/12/10 The Giver Project How does the scene from the novel relate to the topics? The scenes from The Giver that I chose relate to the topics because they show difference and diversity within the community. In my first scene I depicted when Jonas first started to see colors, the only other person in Jonas’s community that can also see colors is the Giver. For the second scene I used when the baby Gabriel was introduced to Jonas’s family. He has light eyes which are extremely rare; the scientists have managed to manipulate DNA, giving everyone dark eyes. In the third scene Jonas is looking out across the audience during the Ceremony of Twelve and for a brief moment their faces change color. My fourth scene is when Jonas enters the Giver’s dwelling for the first time, he notices that the Giver has all the same furniture as everyone else does only they are more luxurious and he has books. The fifth scene is when The Giver walks over to his speaker and turns it off. Jonas is shocked at how much power the Giver holds. Scene six is when Jonas is saying goodbye to his friend Fiona and her hair changes, Jonas is starting to see the color red. The seventh scene is the Giver telling Jonas about long, long, ago when flesh was all different colors. The last scene is the Giver telling Jonas that when he was a young boy he began having the capacity to “hear beyond”; this means that the community cannot hear music. These are some of the differences and diversities in the story The Giver. What is the novel’s answer to the essential question? What is it saying about the topic? The novel is trying to show us that living in a utopia is not ideal. Lois Lowry is telling us that having different choices and diversity within our communities is better than having all decisions made for us. When Jonas become exhausted and starving he starts to think about if he should have
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