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It was one of those typical Friday afternoons, on the train heading home. I always had the same feeling each Friday. In the same carriage as always, the horrible odour of some people, seeing immature people vandalise the train and as always seeing nearly everyone with their electronic devices. This is Melbourne, a place full of differences in each corner. Different people, different experiences and different lifestyles. Melbourne is where I belong. Walking down the stairs of Broadmeadows station I look at the people around me. Typical ‘bogans’, Indians, Asians, Lebanese and also my fellow countrymen, the Turkish people. I always wondered how we lived in the same area and how we belonged here. Coming from different countries, worshiping different religions and wearing different clothes, but there was one thing which kept us together; I guess it was our past experiences; the people in Broadmeadows have suffered a lot to belong in the community. The racial abuse they suffered from the Anglo Saxon, and the times where they had starved for days because of not giving food. Growing up to words like, ‘stupid wog’, ‘curry’, ‘cat eaters’ definitely made it hard for the people here to belong. It ended in cases like suicide, name changes, isolation and shame of our own tradition and values which have lasted centuries but are now not being observed because of the hardship to belong. My mother and her Turkish friends were teased during primary school, which made it hard for them to like the country. Let alone the racial insults within school aged people, it is happening in the general public as we see from a poem written by Uyen Loewald’s poem “Be Good, Little Migrants”. This cold heartedly written poem makes the point that as long as the migrants are modest and know where they belong, then social unity will be

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