Theme Of Satire In Huck Finn

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Satire And Social Responsibility 1. Pap’s Racism rage “ but when they told me there was a state in this Country where they’d let that nigger vote, I drawed out” (27). Pap goes into a drunken fury where he scolds the government for allowing a mixed man voting rights. Twain shows the arrogance and true evilness in the racist white of the pre-Civil war times. The fact that Pap “draws out” before he even knows anything about the man displays the strong prejudices that existed in that time period. Even though blacks ironically were looked at as the worst, the man granted voting rights is actually a professor far more educated and intellectual than Pap is. He also mocks how the government has outlawed slavery in the northern states and…show more content…
Tom is criticizing the fact that he is not allowed to smoke under Widow Douglas but she herself is. Twain is attacking a problem in our society that exists today. Twain’s thoughts on the “snuff” are irrelevant, but his thoughts on an elder disapproving of something and then doing it themselves are strong. Parents know what is right and wrong. It is their job to make sure they’re kid is under good influence. Twain satirizes that and blames it as a reason of corrupt children. It is the same way as a lawyer has a job to be against the lying of others in court, but they themselves lie. 3. Bad Habits of Huck “ I had stopped cussing because the widow didn’t like it, but now I took it up again because Pap had no objections” (24). Huck was benefiting and learning under the household of the Widow Douglas. He was going to school and developing manners. When he arrives at the cabin where they’re are no rules he begins to forget and pick up his old bad habits once more. The increase of ones bad habits can be blamed on a lack of rules in Twains eyes. 4. Slaves Superstition “ Afterward Jim said the witches bewitched him and put him in a trance, and rode him all over the state”
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