Theme Of Sacrifice In Of Mice And Men

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Loyalty and Sacrifice When a person is loyal to another, a certain amount of love is shared between the two. They will work together, and for each other; sometimes, this means that sacrifices must be made. However, when one is loyal to another, they are willing to make that sacrifice. The theme of loyalty and sacrifice is highly prevalent throughout John Steinback’s novel, Of Mice and Men. The first representation of this theme is when Slim challenged Curley. Curley, the ranch owner’s son, had been harassing Lennie. His anger eventually became physical, and he attacked Lennie, who then broke Curley’s hand in self defense. The fight was immediately broken up, and Curley was left with a mangled hand. When George feared that he and Lennie would be fired from their ranching job because of this, Slim, another worker who all the others on the ranch…show more content…
If the other ranchers had arrived, they would have tormented Lennie before killing him, causing Lennie to die terrified and confused. Even If George had managed to get Lennie away, he would have had to place Lennie either in jail or in a hospital for the criminally insane. Lennie would have been mistreated at either place, and worse, he would have been alone and afraid. Being separated from George was what Lennie feared most. And so, when George killed Lennie, he did it painlessly and with love. He made sure that Lennie was happy before he died. It was the best thing that he could do. The sacrifice he made by doing this was that he lost his best friend, and by his own hands. Throughout the book, other characters had spoken of the importance of having a companion and had suffered from loneliness because they did not have one. Lennie and George had been different. However, after killing Lennie, George was left alone and with the memory and knowledge that Lennie had died by his hands, though it had been for the

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