Theme Of Revenge In King Lear

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The Theme of Revenge in King Lear One of the most recognisable themes in Shakespeare’s plays is the theme of revenge. Hamlet, Othello and King Lear are some of the plays where this theme is one of the most important themes that can be found from the beginning till the end of the storyline. Shakespeare is master when it comes to using different themes in order to point out certain characteristics of the characters. When reading King Lear, the reader will get across couple of different subplots that are connected to the theme of revenge and that make the play so special and dark at the same time. In the play King Lear there are more subplots that are connected to the theme of revenge. The major one can be considered to be the revenge that…show more content…
What can we say for a person that poisons her little sister because they both love the same man? The answer is obvious: wicked, evil and monstrous person. During the whole play Goneril and Regan are portrayed as bad wives and even worse daughters. However, this final action, before taking her own life away, is the final piece of the puzzle of Goneril’s character. From the start of the story Goneril is working together with her beloved sister against King Lear. The reader may be misguided to believe that at least she loves her sister and she is loyal to her. However, once King Lear is defeated and Goneril finds out that Regan loves Edmund, she forgets about love and loyalty and decides to kill her. Again, the darkness of one’s soul is revealed by Shakespeare’s use of the theme of revenge. One of the minor scenes that can be considered as an act of revenge is the scene where the Duke of Cornwall blinds the Earl of Gloucester. Even though he and his wife already have stripped the Earl of Gloucester from his political office because he had tried to help King Lear, the Duke of Cornwall goes even further and by gouging out his eyes as a punishment. It is easy to see his true nature when he has the courage to blind one good man and throw him out to wander around
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