Theme Of Persecution In The Crucible

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Persecution is and always has been a part of the human society. Lets face it, even today if you were sitting on plane while it was being boarded and a middle eastern man clutching his backpack to his chest sat down next to you, almost instantly you would think TERROERIST! I would! And this exact mind-set is the basis of persecution. An example of extreme persecution in history is the genocide against the European Jews, homosexuals, the disabled and other groups that did not support the Nazi way of life. This genocide was lead by Adolf Hitler during World War II. People who were caught by Nazi’s were taken to concentration camps where they were treated as animals. If not infected by disease or starved to death the victims would undergo cruel medical & scientific experiments, be put to hard labor, or be placed in gas chambers where they took their last fatal breaths. By the end of Hitler’s regime over 11 million lives were taken as a result of Nazi Persecution.…show more content…
After this event panic spreads through the village as people believe that witchcraft is afoot. During this period in Puritan Salem the church and the government acted as one unified force meaning when the accused are put to trial they also stood before their church (whose beliefs were very exclusive and orthodox). Witchcraft was believed to be the work of the devil and the condemned were put to death for acting upon their personal beliefs. This is a perfect example of persecution. The girls who were seen dancing are condemned of witchcraft and then reprimanded for going against the communities’
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