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My Antonia by Willa Cather is about a young boy name Jim and a Bohemian girl he met named Antonia. The book goes through the stages of life and the theme centralizes about change. Events occur through out the book that shows how Jim and Antonia have changed and grown up through out the years. Antonia is an immigrant that comes to America for a better life with her family. They end up in Nebraska where Jim arrives at ten years old being an orphan sent to his grand parents. The first major event that occurs is the death of Antonia's father. The absence of her father on the farm makes a change in Antonia now that she has to help on the farm. Antonia becomes a hard working teenager that is devoted to helping her mom and living up to other farm helps. When Jim moves to black hawk, a town, he starts attending school more often and excels in his studies. When Antonia's goes to black Hawk to help out Jim's neighbors, the harlings, another change occurs. Antonia begins to start hanging out with other helpers and begins wanting to hang out with them more and go to dances. After getting kicked out of the Harlings, she works with the cutters. This change separated Jim and Antonia a little but fully when Mr. Cutter hurts Jim, Jim blames Antonia for this incident and leaves to college. In college Jim comes across Lena Lingard an old friend from Black Hawk who was also friends with Antonia. He becomes very fond of her but then leaves to attend Harvard to become a lawyer. During this time Antonia becomes pregnant but not married and everyone feels bad for her. After twenty years Jim finally went back to see Antonia. Antonia is very happy with many children and a good husband. The books theme is change, and the events that happen spark the change that happened in Antonia and Jim. Although they were separated and became different then still came to together and remained as best

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