Theme Of Manipulation In The Crucible

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The Crucible – The Play Is a Study of Power and Manipulation

Power and the ability to manipulate other people is a very useful and dangerous trait to have: it can be used against the weaker minded people to get what you want, to directly hurt someone, or even to manipulate others to help you. In Arthur Millers play, The Crucible, the trait is shown in several people for many different reasons: weather it be fear, desperation, love or even just the desire for control.
One example of this type of person is Judge Danforth, who is in fact an incredibly powerful man and even one of the most highly regarded people in the state, however, some of his decisions and judgement when it comes to using his power, are often debatable. On one hand he is
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A good example of this is when Francis Nurse speaks to Danforth about the possibility of the girls being fakes; and Danforth replies “I have four hundred persons in jail upon my signature, and seventy-two condemned to hanging”. This is a small suggestion to us that he is very eager to get the job done in such a way that it will further his reputation. Another scene that demonstrates this is when Giles Corey appears in the court and tells Danforth about the misunderstanding with his wife; that he only meant that she was reading books, and by no way mean the she was a witch. Danforth abuses his power in this scene by refusing to admit that he was wrong, and it shows us that he is in fact more interested in his job than the matter about Giles’s wife.
Another character in the play which can be said to abuse her powers the most in the play is Abigail. This is an
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The plan is set into motion when Abigail utters the words “Why-? Why do you come, yellow bird”?, and continues to tell the court that she is being attacked by the spirit of her old friend Mary. Next she repeats word for word exactly what is said to her as she attempts to implicate Mary Warren as having a spell over her, which in the end, via fear, causes Mary to split sides from Proctor and instead, team up against him. This is show when Mary bursts out shouting “You’re the Devil’s man”, leaving John Proctor absolutely shocked. This event is another example of Abigail’s ability to manipulate others attention away from her; leading to the final confession of John
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