Theme Of Lust In The Crucible

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In The Crucible, lust, pride, greed, revenge, ignorance, self-indulgence and dishonesty are shown through different parts of Act 1 by different characters. Lust was shown by John Proctor in the first act. Although it is not clearly said, we know that John committed adultery with Abigail. We know he did this obviously because of lust. I know this because on page 22 Abigail speaks about what she and Proctor did together. “ABIGAIL: I know how you clutched my back behind your house and sweated like a stallion whenever I come near! Or did I dream that? … you loved me than and you do now!” (Miller, 22). Abby says how she and John met behind his house one day, and that he “loved” her. However, we know that it was actually lust, because he…show more content…
What anarchy is this? That tract is in my bounds, it’s in my bounds Mr. Proctor. PROCTOR: In your bounds! Indicating Rebecca: I bought that tract from Goody Nurse’s husband five months ago. PUTNAM: He had no right to sell it. It stands clear in my grandfather’s will that all the land between the river and-” (Miller, 32). Even though the land is John Proctor’s, and Putnam already has a lot of land and a ton of money, he still wants more, and he’s claiming that the land should be his, even though it’s really Proctor’s. One character that wants to take…show more content…
She has a strong love for John Proctor that I mentioned previously, and the only thing that stands in her way is Goody Proctor. In addition to being the only roadblock to her being with John, she also wants to get revenge on Goody Proctor because she kicked her out of her house. “ABIGAIL: She hates me, uncle, she must, for I would not be her slave. It’s a bitter woman, a lying, cold, sniveling woman, and I will not work for such a woman.” (Miller, 12). Abigail used to be a servant in the Proctor household, but once Goody Proctor found out about John and Abby’s relationship, she fired Abigail. This caused Abigail to have vindictive feelings towards Goody Proctor. Ignorance is displayed through Giles Corey, another character in Act 1. His description at the bottom of page 40 explains how he is an ignorant man. “He didn’t give a hoot for public opinion, and only in his last years-after he had married Martha-did he bother much with the church. … He was a crank and a nuisance,” (Miller, 40). Although Giles is not ignorant in a mean way, he is just an old man that is not very social, and he keeps to himself. Nonetheless, he can still be described as an ignorant person due mainly to

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