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Theme of Isoaltion Essay

  • Submitted by: annaduggan
  • on December 4, 2012
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Theme of Isolation
The Film I have studied for my comparative course is Casablanca which is directed by Michael Curtiz. The theme of Isolation is prominent from the opening scene. The characters in this text paint a clear picture of Isolation and loneliness as many are on a lonely journey to Casablanca in search for freedom. The main character whose isolation is evident is Rick. Rick has run to Casablanca to escape the Nazis but in my opinion also to escape from himself. The people here “wait wait and wait”.
The opening scene of this text descends us into Casablanca as if dropping us into the confines of a prison which immediately introduces the theme of isolation. We are firstly introduced to Rick as a lonely gentleman whose isolation seems as if it is by choice as we hear Rick “Never drinks with his customers”. We see him isolated sitting alone at a table, playing chess, smoking a cigarette. There are references through Ricks past through Ugarte and Renault but yet Rick gives nothing away. Renault reinforces this statement by saying “Rick is completely neutral on everything even on the subject of women”. Therefore, we get the impression that Rick doesn’t want to get emotionally involved with anyone. At this stage of the film his isolation to me is self imposed. Rick is constantly pushing people away and disconnecting himself from any relationship that could be forming. However, Rick is not short of admirers. During various occasions we see Rick rejecting Yvonne and Ugarte. He portrays himself as emotionally isolated. It is obvious to me that Rick is surrounded by people but yet feels utterly alone.
Although Rick may be isolated, he also reveals a softer side when llsa is introduced during the text. He reasserts his isolation and apparent self-interest when he states on various occasions “I stick my neck out for nobody”. I can’t help but feel that Rick is isolating himself by choice. He also wants people to know about his isolation when he reinforces the idea...

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