Theme Of Happiness In A Christmas Carol

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In his novel A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens develops the theme that money itself does not buy happiness. He tells the story of Mr. Scrooge, a greedy miserable man learning about life from three ghosts who visit him one night. Charles Dickens uses characters with money and without to help Scrooge understand. Throughout the novel characters with money have parties and play games to show true happiness. Some characters with money don’t always find happiness in what they have, but by what they do. For example, Mr.Fezziwig has money which he spends on a Christmas party and invites a lot of people to have fun. While the party was going on Mr.Fezziwig started to dance very wildly and he was happy because everyone else was happy. Scrooges nephew…show more content…
The ghost takes Scrooge to his nephews house while they were playing the games and enjoying each other. Scrooge thought it was so fun that even though he wasn’t able to be seen he wanted to stay. So now you know about how characters with money don’t always use it on themselves. Throughout the novel characters without money simply find happiness in their family. Bob Cratchit is a character with little money and finds true happiness in spending time with his family. Bob Cratchit came home from work to his family for a Christmas dinner. Bob’s family played a prank on him by hiding the older daughter in a corner. When Bob asked where she was the family told him that she didn’t come. Bob got sad and then she came out of the corner and surprised him and Bob was then filled with joy. Tiny Tim who is also apart of the Cratchit family finds happiness by reminding people of the miracles of Christmas. Tiny Tim went to church with Bob Cratchit who is his father and Tiny Tim said that god can make blind men see and lame beggars walk. The Cratchit family don’t have a lot of money but are still happy. The Cratchit family finds happiness in each other and in what they have. They dress in their best clothes even if its not that much, they laugh and talk sing all the time. So now you know why characters with little money find happiness in what they have and their
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