Theme of Forgiveness in the Red Kayak

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The Theme of Forgiveness in The Red Kayak “Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.” - Susan Somers. It is very important to forgive because it is something done as a gift for oneself, not for the person being forgiven. Forgiveness is a very important theme in the novel, The Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings. First, the theme of forgiveness is shown through the conflict between the D’Angelos, JT, and Digger. The D’Angelos need to forgive the boys for drilling holes in the kayak, essentially killing Ben, because JT and Digger received a punishment. By forgiving the boys, the D’Angelos allow all of them the opportunity to move on from the incident. Next, forgiveness is a main theme because Brady needs to forgive JT and Digger. Brady is very upset that his friends go behind his back and use his idea to sabotage the kayak. Digger makes him feel like its partly his fault because he gave them the idea of drilling the holes in the kayak. Forgiving JT and Digger would be the first step toward forgiving himself. Finally, Brady needs to forgive himself for not shouting a warning to the red kayak. Brady feels like its his fault that Ben died because he did not warn the kayak earlier that day. Forgiving himself for listening to his friends and not cautioning the kayak is the only way Brady will be able to move on with his life. Forgiveness is a very important theme in the Red Kayak that is shown through the conflicts between the D’Angelos, JT, and Digger, Brady, JT, and Digger, and Brady and
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