Theme Of Equality In The Book 'The Birth Of The Republic'

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Amber Foster HI 211 Jan Zimmerman Birth of the Republic Equality “Men … are by nature free, equal, and independent of each other. In a ‘state of nature’ each man began with the possession only of his own body” ( Morgan, p 73). Throughout the book The Birth of the Republic by Edmund Morgan, there is a strong concept of equality and how the Americans became aware of it. They believed that they deserved to be treated as the British men were treated. It took the Americans awhile to finally banded together and demand the equality they deserved. “American did not aspire to independence but simply to equality of rights with the mother country” (Morgan, p 73). America did not want to be freed…show more content…
The Declaration talked about many important issues but the main one was the rights of the people. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equally, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, That among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” ( Morgan, p 159). The Declaration talked about the rights that are given to every white man in American. Notice how it says white men, the fight for equality was for white land owning men and not for women or slaves. Also the man must own so much…show more content…
Each of the state was allowed to create its own constitution. “Though power emanated from people, it did not emanate from all of them equality…there were people varying in number from state to state, from whom no power emanated at all, because they did not have property to vote or because they belonged to the wrong color or race” (Morgan, p 93). Some of the states thought that any who paid taxes could vote and others wanted to make the amount of land equal so that everyone had about the same as one another. The biggest issue with writing the states constitution was that of slavery. Some believed that since the Declaration of Independence states that everyone is created equally slavery was no long accepted able. “America had been the land of opportunity for whites, who had come by the thousands to enjoy the benefits of the land that any enterprising free man could acquire. But in the South the blessing of liberty had grown side- by-side with the burdens of slavery, and the two were locked in an embrace not easily broken” (Morgan, p

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