Theme Of Arrogance In Macbeth

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Macbeth is the perfect example of what happens to people when you let hubris (execessive pride or arrogance) take over your life. Macbeth was a decorated war hero of Scotland and had everything going for him - a beautiful wife, a castle to live in, friends, loving subjects, and lots of land to call his own. By letting his hubris cloud his better judgement he lost it all and his own life. He began to care more about being feared by all and keeping a crown that was not even rightfully his, then making the right decisions. Macbeth murdered his king because his wife was calling him names, he also got his best friend killed to try and protect his investments, he murderer a defenseless women and her children to try and make a point, and was a huge…show more content…
He knew he would be beat by then and instead of just surrendering, he put the lives of hundreds of people at risk because he was too proud and arrogant to admit defeat. Some people argue that it was ambition that led Macbeth to stay and try to fight because he honestly believed he had a fighting chance. Macbeth was very ambitious, but his arrogance took center stage in this case. He was so arrogant he honestly believed he had a fighting chance to get out with his life because the witches told him no one born of women could harm him. He was so arrogant he didn’t consider the possiblity of someone not being born of women and therefore he might be in real danger. He did not think out all the possible…show more content…
People with too much pride are easily manipulated into things because they fear people thinking less of them. Too much arrogance can lead to humiliation if you boast about yourself and your abilities and then fall short. The right amount of both can lead you to greatness, but too much like our friend Macbeth can lead to a downward spiral of bad decisions if you let hubris cloud your better judgement. Macbeth was a great war hero who allowed hubris to make decisions for him without thinking about consequences and that ultimately led to his

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