Theme Essay on a Film: Hellboy 2: the Golden Army

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Fairytale and Folklore A major theme in the film Hellboy 2 is fairytale and folklore. The director wanted to focus on this aspect; "the focus is more on the folklore and fairytale aspect of Hellboy. It's not Nazis, machines and mad scientists but the old gods and characters who have been kind of shoved out of our world”. The theme pushes the idea that fairytales and folklore are being forgotten and that the human race is becoming more and more obsessed with material things. The director Guillermo Del Toro makes this quite clear in the first few scenes of the film. Folklore is for sale at an auction house. Its only worth is dollars to an audience where everything is for sale. Folklore is nothing more than a useful backstory to increase the value of an artifact, but no one even considers that it could be real. Until Prince Nuada bursts into the auction house - that is auctioning off a piece of the crown of “the fabled Golden Army” part of “a long lost culture” - he tells the “proud, empty, hollow things” that the ‘long lost culture” of the “fabled Golden Army” is not “lost”. “Forgotten by you perhaps, but very much alive”. Then his fantastic friend Mr. Wink bursts in and proves Prince Nuada’s statement to be true and terrorises the crowd with his mechanical hand. The ‘tooth fairies’ are then released upon the crowd to remind them why they once feared the dark. Guillermo Del Toro uses our own fairytales and give shape to our primitive fears. We believe these are just tales, but this film makes us think that these tales could have real origins. He cleverly uses our fears to give his story more credibility. He throws in another fairytale creature - trolls. They are seen wandering about in the ‘Troll Market’. It wouldn't be a Hellboy film without an antagonist to battle with and Prince Nuada claims the top bad boy title by killing off his own father and

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