Theme and Narrative Elements in a Short Story Essay

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The Changing Nature and Variety of Religious Beliefs Nancy Walker HIS 103 World Civilizations 1 Instructor Dan Hicks April 8, 2013 So many take religion lightly whatever it is that these countries believe in. Every religion believes in God. A God of their own understanding or whatever God it is that they believe. Religion is a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs and practices. (2013 Merriam Webster) Buddhism was known in early seventh century in Asia. People in Asia defined their lives by being of Islamic religion. Islamic is one of the three most popular religions. Buddhism and Christianity are the other two. Muslims had to accept the five pillars of faith and they believed only one god existed and that was Allah. They were to pray every day, fast, give alms and at least once in their life make pilgrimage to Mecca. Just like many other religions it has been divided into different types of Islam. Throughout time religion changes because of what one believes is to be the truth about what it really means. Islam religion was believed to be that Allah transferred knowledge to Muhammad. They believed that revelations of what Muhammad knew was written in a book called the Quran. They believe that what some followers have doctrine what was really the truth and that there is only one God which is Allah to them. They believed that Allah was the one that spoke to Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Islam has two beliefs known as Sunni and Shi’ite. They were to believe in six basic beliefs as an Islam. Believe in god the one and only, believe in the angels, believe in the book the Quran, believe in all the prophets and messengers, believe in the Day of Judgment and believe in fate. In Arabic God is called Allah and was meant to mean divine unity. Muslims believe that Allah is the same deity that Judeo-Christians believe in. Unlike Christians
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