Thematic Paper, Justice

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Jonathan Hammitt TEACH REL-123RS Justice in the New and Old Testament When someone thinks of justice, they think of what is good in the world. You may think of a murderer getting sentenced to life in prison, something "justly" deserved for the crimes he or she committed. Most of humanity has a sense of justice that is deeply rooted. Killing is bad, stealing is bad, and hating or doing wrong unto others is bad. The dictionary provides us with a definition of justice stating that it is "rightfulness or lawfulness, conformity to the principle of good and being just and equitable." This is something that has been a major force in the development of Western culture. In a court of law, justice is performed objectively, everyone should have the same punishment for the same crime committed. Equal eyes under the law, this is the modern definition of justice as we know it. Justice is a constant theme in the Bible in both the new and old testaments, and carries all of the aforementioned ideologies, as well as its own unique ones as well. This can be traced back all the way to the Book of Genesis, and extends way past that into the New Testament with the Book of Paul. In the Old Testament, the word justice is used for many things, and exists in many places throughout the entirety of the Old Testament. According to the authors of the publication Justice and Righteousness : Biblical Themes and Their Influence It has been applied to allotment of land in Canaan to the tribes of Israel as described in the book of Joshua, how an individual should behave, fair measurements and weights, individual rights, and even the role of government and rulers over a people. One section in Justice and Righteousness details an early institution of justice in the Garden of Eden . According to Amir, the author of this section life in the Garden of Eden was without the worry of the
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