Thematic Essay On Equality

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Thematic essay on Equality Throughout American history, people of all races, cultures, and religion, have been discriminated against, and denied the right to ” life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The African Americans are one group that has been denied those rights for ages. Although the 1776 Declaration of Independence proclaimed that "all Men are created equal", some classes of people enjoyed more rights than others. The African Americans have been enslaved for years and years. They were dragged in the slave trade, beaten, sold as property, separated from family, culture, and relocated to different places where they would serve their master as long as they were needed. They were denied things such as, education, freedom of speech and even there right to live. This was accomplished through acts such as “segregation” and “”. Efforts such as the civil rights movement and the bus boycotts contributed to African Americans obtaining equality. One way that African Americans have been denied there rights and ”life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is through slavery. They were captured and forced to work under harsh conditions. They were enslaved for life. Africans were sent out to work in fields and various other jobs, just to make the whites wealthier. They were beat when they tried to escape and if they broke any rules/laws. They were treated as nothing and branded as property. They could easily be sold and traded off, separated from their families. Africans had no rights, no say and no benefits. They were killed for any reasons, and there deaths were publicized. After the slaves were freed, they faced laws against them being twisted and turned (Jim Crow Laws) in ways to prevent them having any right to pursue any happiness. During 1914 the United States, race relations hit an all-time low in the history of civilization on the North American
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