Them And Us Essay

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Them and Us The World State in Aldous Huxley’s critically acclaimed novel and our present day life in the United States are more alike than one would think. What makes it so obvious that some situations stated in Huxley’s novel are in fact a less excessive and extreme version of what they are today? Little do we know, society one hundred years ago and what it is today has changed dramatically. For instance, such practices as being conservative, not being promiscuous, having a free mind, finding our natural way to mental and physical stability etc., have escalated into something that is more or less common in our culture in this day and age. In fact I am almost constantly reminded in the most subtle of ways of our own culture as I turned the pages of the book and the parallels it expresses. In the novel, Brave New World, I am constantly being reminded of our own culture throughout the novel. For example I could think of is the parallel between the hypnopaedia used to condition individuals and our common forms of advertisement through mass media. In the United States there are hundreds of thousands of commercials shown all over the country as well as magazines, radio, internet and other forms of media and popular culture that are being accessed. These forms of mass media are actually tools to direct our lives in a certain way and the attractiveness of how companies set up these media outlets lure countless numbers of people to buy or use the project they are advertising. Is it not the same as hypnopaedia in the World State in which conditions people to consume for the betterment of their economy? In a way forms of mass media and its advertising can be seen as a less acute version of the World State’s use of hypnopaedia. In an extreme case of the future, these advertisements can take away our freedom of good judgment and every person could get sucked into what they

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