Thelogy 104 Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper Part I. To be completely honest with the reader before starting Liberty's Theology 104 class I was a newborn Christian nearly three years ago with a big drive to learn the word of God through regularly attending church and small group meetings with friends. I enjoy reading the Bible and its many lessons but had little true understanding of what it all means to me. After starting the class and reading through Dr. Towns novel "Core Christianity" I found it very difficult to wait another week to finish the required modules so I moved rapidly through the lessons to soak everything up and found that I couldn't put the book down. Throughout reading the book I have become more understanding of and closer to God, and with that I am very thankful. Some of the lessons I learned in the course I will explain fully in this paper. Those lessons are: "Does the Bible have authority?", "If a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their lives?" and "What can your local church do to better communicate God's love to your community?" I will use the knowledge I have gained by reading Dr. Towns book and any other related course material throughout the class to better convince the reader of what it really means to be a Christian in God's kingdom. Part II. Does the Bible have Authority? The answer to this long asked question is quite simply yes and in many different ways. No other book except a book from God could have contained a convicting yet extraordinary message about the Son of God. The best example that the word of God in my opinion is the person of Jesus Christ. The Bible is the Word of God because of its unique revelation of the person of Jesus Christ. The Bible tells about Jesus, and it is the most wonderful story on earth. Jesus claimed to be God, he let people worship him as only God would, he forgave sins as only God could forgive sins,

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