Their Eyes Were Watching God Identity Analysis

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Their Eyes Were Watching God In life people have to leave their parents houses so that they can find their own path in the world. While it takes some people a very long time to find their identity, it takes others a very short time to do the same thing and while others end up finding their identity, others do not find it no matter how much they try. But all the same almost everyone try to find their identity sometime in life. In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston, the author, raises a question about women’s identity in society. Janie, the main character, goes through life searching for an identity, a name and freedom for herself. In the course of doing this, she goes through a couple of marriages. Some of those…show more content…
Tea cake is an unpredictable character. He is a man without any financial statues unlike Logan and Joe. Tea Cake gives Janie her freedom. He lets her do what ever she wants and at what ever time she want. He teaches Janie how to play games, shoot guns and even catch fish. He is everything Janie had ever wanted. Tea Cake allows Janie to play checkers and talk to whom ever she wants to talk to. He even started calling her Janie unlike everyone else that calls her Mrs. Starks and after a while many people also started calling her Janie. Tea cake gives Janie back her identity and name. Something that no one has done for her in a very long time. By this time, Janie has finally found her identity, her freedom and the love she has always wanted. Janie is happy in this marriage because she is not obligated to do what ever Tea Cake wants her to. She finally has the opportunity to choose what she wants. But as life has it, no good thing last forever. As the book continues, Janie and Tea Cake move to Everglades and Tea Cake is bitten by a mad dog during a storm while protecting Janie. This dog gives Tea Cake scabies and he tries to kill Janie but instead Janie shoots Tea Cake and he dies. Janie now has no choice but to return to Eatonville. Even with the death of the only man she ever loved, Janie is truly happy because she finally gets what she has always been looking for, true love, freedom and the urge to find her identity. In the end she finds her identity and true
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