Their Eyes Were Watching God Husband Comparison

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Their Eyes Were Watching God is a brilliant novel full of love, drama, power, and violence. It defines what life was like in the south for African Americans in that time period. It has vital importance to the culture and history of America. Their eyes were watching God is an epic novel because of it characterization and themes. It certainly deserves the title of “great.” The differentiation of characters in this book is astonishing. Each character interacts with Janie in a completely unique way and adds to who she becomes throughout the novel. The story would be incomplete even without the minor characters. Janie’s childhood was mainly influenced by one person. Janie’s grandmother is the first person who belittles Janie. Even though she has good intentions, Nanny is the reason it took so long for Janie to finally become independent. Janie fails to rise against her grandmother, and is forced to marry Logan. Each of her three husbands treats her in a way that forces her to grow, and she becomes stronger because of them. Logan is Janie’s first stop to becoming a strong, independent woman. She stands up to him when she leaves with Joe, taking another step to a better life. Joe’s forcing of Janie to be just an object and symbol of his political power causes Janie to rebel and spring up from her lowly position. This prepares Janie for her next husband, Tea Cake, whom she will eventually not be completely dependent on. This, in my opinion, is one of her greatest achievement. All her life she was dependent on someone, and her success in being independent has been her lifelong struggle. Although Janie has already begun to find her voice, Tea Cake encourages her to continue to grow by treating her as an individual. Although Phoebe does not play a key part in the growth of Janie, it is because of her Janie is telling her story. The characters are what keep
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