Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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“Symbols and Metaphors” written by Emily Kendall in 2005 is the article i choose to explain the symbolic meanings within the book “Their eyes were watching god”. Emily broke her article down into many different subjects explaining the symbolism within each one and there importance.Although their are many different symbols and ways to interpret them i only choose three. Janie’s hair, the mule, and the pear tree. I choose to expand on these three subjects because they are the ones that seemed most significant and are the ones that stood out to me the most. Janie’s hair, In the book it was a recurring subject that stood out and seemed as a constant reminder of her father and grandfather and that they were white and that made her half white (biracial). Emily explains how throughout the story Janie’s hair “figures largely in depiction of sexual relationships or even attraction”. Basically with this statement Emily thinks that Janie”s hair is a reflection of her love life and illustrates the relationships in which she had with her different husbands. Emily explains that Joe Starks "who is jealous and possessive" forces her to cover her hair so it can't be admired by anyone else. Emily also points out that the subject of Janie's hair occurred in the beginning as well as the end of the book but in two different ways. In the beginning she was married and had to cover her hair but in the end she was "free" so she no longer covers it and also lets it be free and seen by everyone. The mule, being another symbol in the book that can represent "any black woman struggling for independence". Emily makes this resemblance by referring back to the book when Nanny tells Janie about how the white man is ruler and how the black man is supposed to do as the white man tells him but he just hands the problem off to his wife the black woman, aka the mule the one who has to haul the load

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