Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Compare and Contrast Essay- "Their Eyes Were Watching God" By: Alicia Gomez 1st Period English While the movie and the book of "Their Eyes Were Watching God" may be the same in the fact that they both tell the story of Janie and what she went through, they differ in the fact that the movie is much shorter and has fewer conflicts than the story. Both the story and the movie held the same details that occured in the story. Janie went through three marragies, and end the end she had to shoot her final husband Tea Cake. Janie was introduced to first husband, Logan, by her grandmother, which had already arranged that Janie was to marry him before she was to die. In neither the book nor the movie did Janie want to marry the old stranger, and she ended up leaving him for another guy, Jody Starks. Because of Jody's constriction, Janie never felt as though she was living her life to her fullest. Both the book and the movie note Janies love and conection with nature. Unlike in the book, the movie missed out on alot of details that the book had had. For one, in the book Janie tells Phobe her story from when she found out she was colored, the movie did not have that in it. Also in the movie they do not seem to have the same heavy accent they seem to have in the book. When Janie first saw Jody in the book, it was an instant attraction, in the movie, Janie had to talk to him for a while till she felt something, also, they werent chasing pigs in the book. In the book, after Janie had shot Tea Cake, she was sent to trial for commiting murder. In the movie though, there was no trial, not even the involvement of the police in the movie after Janie had shot Tea
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