Their Eyes were Watching God Essay

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Their Eyes Were Watching God West Florida – Janie is raised by her Grandmother, “Nanny”. She and Nanny live in the backyard of the Washburn family, a white family. Janie is teased by her fellow black peers because she is able to wear nicer clothes than they are. Nanny, with the help of the Washburn family, is able to buy property. As Janie matures, she becomes more sexual and spiritual. One day, Janie kisses a boy. Nanny is angered and this eventually leads Janie into marrying Logan. Janie marries Logan and moves in with him. She works on the farm and helps Logan do physical labor. Years pass by and Nanny passes away. When Logan goes to Lake City, Janie meets Joe Starks. After two weeks of talking with one another, Janie runs away, leaving Logan, with Joe Starks to Eatonville. Janie awakes sexually and spiritually. She learns about the hardships of her Grandmother and realizes that marriage does not bring love. Essentially, Janie becomes a woman. Janie also learns to achieve her dreams and to overcome her fears. Janie’s needs are partially completed. Eatonville – Janie and Joe settle in Eatonville. Shortly after Joe is elected Mayor, Janie feels cold and rejected. She thinks the town is putting a strain on their relationship. Janie works at the shop selling grocery products to costumers. Janie attempts to speak out during several occasions but Joe never allows her. Their relationship continues to deteriorate. One day Joe slaps Janie for cooking a bad meal. Janie first retaliates against Joe by speaking up against him. Joe gets sick and at his deathbed, Janie reveals all her emotions for him. Joe dies and Janie meets Teacake at her store. She continues to see Teacake and her relationship becomes public to the town. After getting a letter from Teacake about marriage, Janie hops on a train and sets out for Jacksonville. Janie learns that Joe is not only

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