Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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Rhys Turner Honors English III 16 December 2011 Their Eyes Were Watching God Their Eyes Were Watching God is a phenomenal book with great meaning. As I analyzed this book I discovered that, during this time is was very hard for African Americans to find their independence. Their Eyes Were Watching God proved that economic changes and situations did limit the choices that the whole community made, not just love and or violence (Hurston 5). Zora, herself grew up during hard times. Their Were Watching God shows Zora’s quest for freedom and self through the main character Janie Crawford. Although this book was not her autobiography, events that occurred during this book did have actual meaning to Zora Hurston’s life (Awkward 4). In the book, Janie finds herself in the end, something that most African Americans did not have during this time, especially African American women, and that was a voice. Janie finds her voice (Hurston 4). This was a great book that many people will be able to relate too. This book had many merits; it was so good that critics did not have many weaknesses to say about this book. This book begins when Janie Crawford returns home after a two-year absence. The towns people all gossip about where Janie has been all this time. The people are stunned at Janie, the fact that she is wearing town up denim overalls, when she left wearing a silk dress. Many people assume her third husband Vergible Woods, also known as Tea Cake throughout the book, left Janie for a younger woman and took all of her money. Janie’s long time friend Pheoby Watson then goes to meet Janie with a hot casserole, and to further understand what happened to Janie while she was away. Pheoby is a very trustworthy friend to Janie. Pheoby lets Janie know that she can be trusted with anything that Janie has to say, but Janie has no concern with that, she jut wants someone

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