Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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Their Eyes Were Watching God In life people have to leave their parents houses so that they can find their own path in the world. While it takes some people a very long time to find their identity, it takes others a very short time to do the same thing and while others end up finding their identity, others do not find it no matter how much they try. But all the same almost everyone try to find their identity sometime in life. In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston, the author, raises a question about women’s identity in society. Janie, the main character, goes through life searching for an identity, a name and freedom for herself. In the course of doing this, she goes through a couple of marriages. Some of those marriages turn out to be worse but others turn out for the better. Through the course of her three marriages with Logan Killicks, Joe Starks and Tea Cake respectively, she finally figures what she wants and is happy with it. In Janie’s earlier life, she lived with her grandmother Nanny. Nanny catches Janie one day kissing a boy under a pear tree and says it is unacceptable. So to keep Janie out of trouble, Nanny gives her into marriage to Logan Killicks. Janie is not happy in this marriage because she feels that there is more out there for her. She is not happy in her marriage because first of all Logan is old enough to be her father, secondly she always complains that he stinks and thirdly, she does not find the kind of love she has always dreamed of in her relationship with Logan. Janie is also not happy in this marriage because she feels that she is obligated to do everything Logan wants. She sees the marriage as some kind of trap. She feels like she is loosing her freedom as well as her identity in this marriage. It is not long into the marriage when Janie finally has enough of Logan and decides to take a chance on the

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