Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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The project of finding a voice, with language as an instrument of injury and salvation, of selfhood and empowerment, suggests many of the themes that Hurston uses as a whole. Zora Neale Hurston draws attention towards her novels because she uses black vernacular speech to express the consciousness of a black woman and to let the reader know exactly how statements are said. This use of the vernacular is particularly effective in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Their Eyes Were Watching God exposes the need of Janie Crawford's first two husbands for ownership of space and mobility with the suppression of self-awareness in their wife. Only with her final lover, Tea Cake, who's interest orbit around the Florida swamps, does Janie at last glow. Hurston's styles of writing vary to portray her point. To begin with, Janie's journey from object to subject shift from third to first and back, representing awareness in Janie. Hurston's writing depends for its strength on text, not the context. This unique habit rewards Hurston as an author for original black fiction that other authors lack. Hurston's ideas towards language and her style of writing "undergird" many contributions to black literature that followed. Additionally, an exceptional part standing that makes Hurston's novel personal, that which she doesn't mention, is all that her readership would draw upon to reveal her life as a synecdoche of "the race problem." For instance, in Their Eyes Were Watching God, Mrs.Turner dislikes Tea Cake because he's black: "She didn't forgive her for marrying a man as dark as Tea Cake..Ah don't see how uh lady like Mis' Woods can stand all them common niggers round her all de time..Ah can't stand black niggers." (Pg.140-141) Hurston proves a point by showing how Janie replies to Mrs.Turner's insulting statements: "Naw, mah husband didn't had nothin' but hisself. He's easy tuh love if

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