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This research paper is about identity theft. The research paper will show how identity theft is commonly used throughout Memphis, but not only just Memphis but through the untied states. The research paper will also show how identity theft works. It will show how identity theft is a big problem to everyone because no one is safe to identity theft. Identity theft can destroy lives and this research paper will point out the key ways to how identity theft can affect a person’s life. Identity theft can not be easily spotted. Identity theft can be happening to a person at any moment and the person will never know. Identity theft is a way of making easy money and taking advantage of another person’s life and putting their lives in serious danger. Not violence such as hurting a person but it can hurt a person in their future. This paper will point out to the ways that identity theft works. The paper will break down to how they operate. How they do their dirty work and get rich off of stealing identities. The paper will show you to what age groups are attacked off of these criminals. It will also show you where they work and how they make their money off of stealing a person’s identity. Identity theft can be harmful in many ways and it may not seem to if it is dangerous but if can affect your life; that is why identity theft is such a big problem. The paper will also show you how you could avoid identity theft. It also can show you how to get around it happening to you. It will show you what to watch out for. Identity theft can happen anywhere from a restaurant to your own computer at home. This is why this paper is important because it will show you all the ways to spot out a criminal that does this crime. this is a serious crime that needs to be addressed so that this simple crime can be put to a rest and everyone can be safe in the untied states. This

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