Theatre Studies Practical Evaluation Essay A2

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DA3 (Performance on a Set Theme) * Text: individual performance * Text: group performance * Devised: individual performance * Devised: group performance * Overview of performance and rehearsal period For our DA3 examination we performed 2 pieces of drama, one naturalist scripted piece named ‘Jerusalem’ written by Jaz Butterworth and a devised piece of physical theatre with the chosen stimulus of ‘Running’. My exam group consisted of Emily Shrimpton, Eliott Johnston and myself. TEXT: INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE In our performance from ‘Jerusalem’ I performed the role of Linda Fawcett. Throughout the rehearsal process, I found my biggest challenge was performing a character who was both older and in a position of legal authority. Trying to perform in such a way was difficult due to the lack of life experience in this particular area. Therefore, trying to follow the Stanislavskian understanding for acting proved very difficult as I knew that I had to achieve a ‘sense of truth’ when playing Linda Fawcett; this was particularly the case when trying to develop a mature character in rehearsal. My characters authoritative status was of most importance in my performance in this scene and my challenge lay in making this convincing on stage. In order to overcome the challenge I experimented with vocal technique and physical technique aiming develop a mature and assertive attitude and character. I found that this experimentation lead to me being able to create the desired character. For example, I spoke in a slow calm voice, ensuring that i was projecting my voice with a confident tone, which at times a little stern in order to assert authority. In terms of my physicality, I made sure that I made eye contact with the other character I interacted with and made sure that I stood tall and held my head relatively high to further reinforce a confident and mature
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