Theatre Review Gcse Unit 1

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This year’s first assignment was to create a character and give it a background story in order to film a monologue. I chose to set my monologue in world war 2, where my character, a 16 year old girl, became an orphan and was sent to an orphanage. I chose to film in a small, clustered angle in order to emphasise the almost claustrophobic feeling Anne, my character, was suppressed into. In addition, I thought it would be effective to sit on the floor in order to show the audience the poor financial conditions of the orphanage making them feel pitiful towards Anne. Furthermore, I chose to make the camera angle look down to Anne as this emphasises her fragility and victimised state, doing so I hoped to achieve an effect that it seemed like she had fallen on the ground, again symbolising her defencelessness. As Anne was sent to an orphanage I chose to wear a plain, simple black dress as they would be asked to wear uniforms, creating a sad and dull atmosphere. In addition, the choice of using no props was made to show how Anne lost everything that meant something to her when she lost her parents, meaning she had no meaningful objects, in the video her hands were empty to show the emptiness left by her parents’ death. Furthermore, in relation to the voice techniques used, I tried to make a pattern of vocal tones in order to build up a mood during the story telling, at some points where I was talking about less important aspects of the story I tried using a low and quiet tone and as the important parts came I started building up the volume and rapidity of the speech. On the downside, some aspects in which I have to improve on are that firstly, while watching back the video I noticed that in some points in the monologue my voice was too quiet and we could not understand what was being said, this is very important to improve because if the audience cannot understand what is

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